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Daily Madness #16 Wallpaper : Poisoned Peace

Poisoned Peace
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Nature Wallpapers for iPhone

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iPhone alarm grouses flood Twitter again, Steve Jobs on damage control

Contrary to Apple Inc.’s claim that the iPhone alarm problem would be fixed by January 3, the glitch persisted even on Monday causing scores of users to oversleep, again. While iPhone users have yet again taken to Twitter to vent out their frustration, Apple CEO has also resorted to the microblogging site for some damage control.

“iPhone alarm clock bug most definitely not fixed. Grrr,” posted a user, ewanmcintosh.

“Today the alarm on my #iphone should be working according to #apple then why did I wake up at 08:30 instead of the time on my alarm 07:35!” questioned bianc1208.

Some sought to look at the brighter side of things. jlemm‎ tweeted, “A pleasant start for the week: oversleeping thanks to the annual iPhone alarm clock issue.”

Others tried to read into the signs, apa02 posted, “Interesting problem with that iPhone alarm. I thought Mayas’ end of the world was coming 2012.”

Twitter has been flooded by Apple iPhone alarm problems related posts since the beginning of the new year as the alarm on the phone has not been working since Jan 1, 2011.

The company had earlier confirmed the iOS bug that causes one off alarms to not function properly on iPhone and iPod touch devices and promised “all alarms will work properly beginning January 3”.

Apple had also said that the users can set recurrant alarms to avoid any troublem as the glitch affected only the one-off alarm. However, several latest tweets suggest that even this solution did not help much.

Now, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs has jumped into the rescue.

“Until Apple issues an official fix for the iPhone alarm glitch, please do not open your iPhone’s clock app. Doing so may void the warranty,” he tweeted.

His earlier tweet read: “Sorry about the iPhone alarm glitch. We had absolutely no way to prepare for 2011.”

Pixies say:

Considering that this is the second time in two months that Apple iPhones have let people sleep in late and face consequences for that, it would be better for the users to rely on something else.

Here are some apps that may be used as alarm on iPhone:

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