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Google logo comes alive in holiday spirit with elaborate doodle

Google is back again to awe us all with its ever amazing doodles. The internet giant treated those less fortunate ones, who are spending the holiday season in front of the computer  for what ever reasons, with an elaborate doodle.

Google Logo: Holiday Doodle

Google Logo: Holiday Doodle

Google’s logo on the homepage has been replaced by a gallery of 17 interactive holiday scenes from around the world.

Even though the tradition of Google doodle began about a decade ago with simple additions or rather adornments to the logo featured on the search page, the art has evolved over the years into an interactive pleasure. The first such interactive doodle that took the world by a storm was that of Buckyball in September 2010.

As has been the case with all the interactive logos, hovering your mouse over the holiday doodle will bring the 17 depictions to life. While hovering the over the piece enlarges the art, clicking on it would open up a search page with the links about the piece.

The 17 scenes include:

  1. St. Basil’s Cathedral
  2. Buche de Noel (a traditional dessert served during Christmas season)
  3. Acropolis of Athens
  4. Pierogi (boiled, baked or fried dumplings stuffed with varying ingredients across different cuisines)
  5. Mt. Fuji
  6. Great Wall of China
  7. Sahara desert
  8. Indian dance styles
  9. Oud (a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in Middle Eastern music)
  10. Chili Pepper
  11. Sydney Harbour
  12. Venice gondolas
  13. Chilean vineyards
  14. Nepal
  15. African kanga (a colorful wrap around garment)
  16. Up on the housetop (Christmas song)
  17. Henna lamp (from Morocco)

The doodle went live at 9 am Eastern Time on December 23, 2010, on the eve of Christmas eve. As per reports, the holiday logo, which took a team of five artists under the chief doodler Micheal Lopez about 250 hours of work, will remain up until the Christmas holiday is over.

Pixies say:

We have always been loyal observers of the Google Doodle. Never has the search engine giant failed to awe us. This holiday season just got more special with this great piece of digital art on our browsers to relieve us while we continue to slog through the holidays.