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Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Set to Defy the Gravity of a Conventional Office

Soon before the tech community could finish the debate of apple going on cloud with its iCloud services, Steve Jobs surprised the world with Apple’s ambitious ‘Spaceship’ campus.

Courtesy, Cupertino City Channel

‘Spaceship’ conceptualized by Apple’s CEO Steve Job and designed by finest architects, is a proposed campus for the organization’s new headquarter. The mothership will staff close to 13,000 employees and is estimated to acquire an area of 3.1 million square foot at Cupertino, California.

Apparently Jobs seems to already have convinced the officials of Cupertino with his usual style of awe-inspiring presentation. Mayor Gilbert Wong has extended his support to Jobs in his press conference and believes in the city’s growth with the presence of the tech giant.

Apple's Spaceship Plan Image Courtesy, Cupertino City Channel

The ‘Spaceship’ is expected to be completed by 2015 with a promising quality of a spaceship fueled with natural energy. The circular building will resemble the apple’s product in terms of no sharp edges, meaning the building will require large sheets of curved glass. The proposed plan will have four storey building with highlights such as complete underground parking, 3000-seater cafeteria and fitness centre.

The Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ will also symbolize life on the highly industrial terrain of Cupertino. With the lush green belt and around 6000 trees which may include apricot orchids ‘Spaceship’ will surely change the landscape of the city.

Steve Jobs may not suffice you with his answer on the demands for free wi-fi but surely he has silenced the critics who were speculating the downfall of Apple with his presence, be it the recent launches of Apple products or the making of the ‘Spaceship’.

 Pixies Say:

When Steve Jobs says Apple is going out of space, he surely means the growth of Apple’s dominance in the digital sphere. Jobs foresight is heavily based on the recent market insights which have shown the strong demand for Apple products.  Market experts have projected the growth of Apple stock to $310 which can even touch the $400 mark.

Rarities and Remastered to Redefine Pink Floyd

The undiscovered diamonds from the psychedelic treasure of Pink Floyd is set to shine. The official website, has announced “Why Pink Floyd…?, a major release campaign, in an association with EMI, the band’s record label since 1967.

The release is scheduled on September 26, 2011 with versatility to appease every listener. The comprehensive release will include something for everyone along with the previous unreleased tracks, alternate versions, and restored and rare videos of the band’s performances. CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, SACD, various digital formats, iphone Apps, and a brand new ‘Best of’ album will be the major highlights of this grand release.

As it goes for Pink Floyd’s music, ‘experiencing’ is more dominant and integral than mere listening, ‘Why Pink Floyd..?’ is being designed and will be presented in a set of different listening experiences.


The ‘Discovery’ collection: 14 Remastered Studio Albums
‘Discovery’ albums are designed as an introduction to the artist, with lyrics booklets.

Discovery editions:
14 x Remastered studio (Discovery) Albums
14 Remastered Studio Albums Discovery Boxset


Experience editions will feature the expanded versions of classic albums. It will include the original remastered album, a disc of additional material and an expanded CD booklet.

Experience editions will include:
The Dark Side of The Moon: Experience Boxset
The Wall: Experience Boxset
Wish You Were Here: Experience Boxset


This edition will contain remastered, unreleased and audio-visual material, and much additional content. Fans who want more will have something more such as reproduced memorabilia, brand new graphics, art prints, collectors’ items, lavish booklets.

Immersion editions:
The Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Boxset
Wish You Were Here: Immersion Boxset
The Wall: Immersion Boxset

A brand new ‘Best of’ CD with tracks chosen by Pink Floyd featuring new artworks by Storm Thorgerson and remastered tracks by James Guthrie.

Apart from these editions, the mysterious Vinyl edition is also included with this launch.


Steve Vai Does a ‘Writings on the Wall’ for the New Album Name

The Letter ‘Y’ makes its appearance besides the official vai logo to raise the anticipation level higher for the upcoming Steve Vai album. The latest post on social networking site announced a teaser for the curious fans.

Source: Steve Vai posing in front of the wall with the graffit'Y' of the partial album name and the official logo!

“Hey folks, I have the name of the new record but not quite ready to reveal it. See if you can guess it. We will add letters little by little until all is revealed.”

The official site has also announced the launch of an interactive, 24-hour online video channel. The main highlights of the video channel will include performances of the world’s greatest guitar players in multiple genres, live concerts, guitar related movies and plenty more. will be launched on May 10th accompanying a live event from Musicians Institute in Hollywood. The official site has announced an Ibanez JEM as prize for fans who will RSVP & join online for the launch. To get early site access register at

Steve Vai Digs ‘Innerness’ a Painfully Beautiful Piece

True to his words on the hunt for exotic guitar brutalities, ‘Guitar God’ Steve Vai, has shared his inner feelings about the track ‘Innerness’ from his upcoming album. The latest post from Steve, on the social media site reads:

“Sometimes I sit in the studio and get an idea, work on it and when I listen to it back, it surpasses my expectations. That’s what just happened here at the new Harmony Hut and I’m blown away. Painfully beautiful piece called “Innerness”. The new record is starting to take shape from audio gold. I just can’t wait for you to hear it.
I know it’s taking me a long time. It always does. So sorry about that.

With anticipation building up for the new 2011 Steve Vai album, the eager fans know that this is definitely worth waiting. Meanwhile as announced in the official Steve Vai website, ‘“The Bodhi Tree” VaiTunes #7 is now available online for download on all the major digital music retailers

iTunes, Amazonmp3, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic,, IMVU, Shockhound, Amie Street, LimeWire Store and the Nokia Music Store‘The Bodhi Tree digital booklet PDF‘ is also available on the VaiTunes page.

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Daily Madness #46: Tower of Abyss : Wallpaper Design

Tower of Abyss
To download:
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Free for personal use 🙂

Augustana at SXSW 2011 – Photos

Augustana was the soulful self at the high-profile South By Southwest (SXSW) 2011. Photos of the band performing at the event emerged on Facebook. The images attributed to the artist Jesse DeFlorio are in the slideshow below:

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PA asserts Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine did NOT collapse in Russia, but not without a Charlie Sheen joke

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s Personal Assistant, Rikki, churned out a passionate post to assert that the singer did NOT collapse in Russia. In the March 20 piece posted on, presses that “DAVE MUSTAINE NEVER COLLAPSED IN RUSSIA. Not ON stage, not back stage, not ever. He was NOT rushed to the hospital,” among busting other metal myths but not without a Charlie Sheen joke.

“Dave addressed his health issues himself, and I have no idea where anybody got the idea that there was a collapse because simply put, it is NOT TRUE. Anybody who was at that show can verify that, and as his personal assistant, as his right hand out here on the road, I want to testify to anybody who doubts it, this never happened. It’s really pathetic that people have to play the telephone game and spread bulls*&t rumors to trump up some fantasy that they have played out in their heads,” the PA writes in the blog post titled, ‘DAVE MUSTAINE IN GOOD HEALTH; RUMOR OF HOSPITALIZATION UNTRUE’.

“Please pass the word along to anyone who may say other wise, and to fellow Megadeth fans, and to people who claim to know otherwise,” she goes on to urge, before reiterating the “candid and honest” rockstar’s revelations that the trouble was due to kidney stones, “quite a normal thing, and extremely painful.”

Bashing the rumor mills, the post says, “Something as strongly worded as “collapse” can come across as way more dramatic and blown out of proportion than you may realize.”

In the ensuing argument, Rikki goes on to bust some popular myths about musicians accompanied with an unexpected and hilarious swipe at the scandalous ‘Two and Half Men’ star, Charlie Sheen.

“You heard it here first: Britney Spears does NOT have 2 heads (though Charlie Sheen, I’m not so sure), Ozzy does not eat bats for breakfast on a daily basis, and Dave Mustaine did NOT collapse in Russia.”

India Art Summit – Review

Anushka Rajendran, a Delhi-based art writer, reviews India Art Summit 2011:

I must admit up front. Most of my four days at the India Art Summit was spent crouching over a limited edition work by Prajjwal Chowdhury and not so by choice though even otherwise, I would not have minded lavishing quite some time over the work. When I finally got the opportunity to go around, it was just before everything was closing and a half hour there made sure I was way too saturated to witness the rest with any cognitive prowess whatsoever. Still a few works did grab at my interest and they along with the work by Prajjwal Chowdhury make up the premise of this article. What I enjoyed about the summit beyond all else was how by making an event out of artworks that in most cases remained accessible to all and sundry on an everyday basis, putting all of them in the same space, and lavishing the PR industry’s skills on them, could put a whole city in touch with a part of the aesthetic sphere that do not feature very heavily in their quotidian cultural experience. As we all know, it is no well kept secret that the industry enjoys this exclusivity and does not try too hard to change things while keeping an eye out for prospective patrons. I do not want to tread any Marxist discourse here, but these three days when the doors are thrown open to the public, giving them a reason to access the art world, is one of the reasons that makes the summit significant to me.

During the course of my vigil, I had several brief interactions with visitors at the summit. Save the VIP launch, where almost everyone seemed to know what they were talking about or at least what they wanted from the summit, the rest of them predominantly fell under a singular adjective – overwhelmed. I suppose that is what art does to people. Or, maybe I am being overly presumptuous. Back when Clement Greenberg was the last word in art criticism, he was taken very seriously when he laid out an underlying difference between the works of T.S. Elliot and a Tin Pan Alley song, the former being ‘high brow’ where as the latter was ‘popular,’ though both were the offshoots of the same collective society. We no longer adhere to the gospel of Greenberg. Postmodernism came and knocked out cold humorless formalist masturbations (not that I discredit these in any way for most of my favorite artists fit this description).

India Art Summit

India Art Summit

Though the stalls that welcomed you to the summit mostly featured modern and contemporary masters whose works have become mostly self-referential of their value and genius over anything else it might speak of, weary to the initiated and alien to the uninitiated, the note gradually shifted as one moved along the narrow corridors. Past the Souzas, the Picassos and the Miros, a couple of rungs down but nowhere near down, I came face to face with a work by Mithu Sen that reminded me of the Prajjwal Chowdhury I had been staring at. What I saw was a pink velvet spongy spine, flexible in all its gigantism, going up a wall not unlike a common garden creeper. Her idiom popularly references the kitsch and middle-class household decorative, and takes it very seriously. While she tries to incorporate such a ubiquitous aesthetic into the high space that art assumes, the incongruity of its mere presence on a red carpet playfully pokes fun at taste that may not appear very refined to many connoisseurs. Yet she remains important for this very reason. At the summit, this simultaneously played a different role. For most, right after lines and paint that spoke a language they could not comprehend, for I believe art is an acquired taste, this spine literalized as installation the adjective few of us have not heard – spineless or weak-spined. This is a saying that proliferates, vernacular languages not excluded. This spine brought with it a flash of recognition. Finally something familiar, very relatable.

Similar was the Nano fenced outdoors, decked and decorated with mosaic by Ketna Patel to several times its price, poking fun at Indian Roads and Indian traffic. Prajjwal Chowdhury’s matchboxes carrying images of iconic works that are universally familiar thanks to their heavy dissemination in the mechanical age almost amused whoever chanced by. The use of the matchbox put them in their comfort zone and the recognizability of the images that bring with them some of the fetishized aura of the original, made it endearing. A lot of them wanted to carry individual boxes back with them, not quite able to recognize its status as a work of art. But I must admit, this made me happy. It is not just enough that high and popular art conflate in theory and in practice, as long as the work itself circulates in a highly insulated circuit. The India Art Summit heralds a day when spaces of art conflate beyond mere instances of public art. I have been unfair to some brilliant and note-worthy galleries and artworks in this account by virtue of their omission, most specifically a few that caught my eye like the gallery from Pakistan Grey Noise, Nielson Gallery from Spain and Nature Morte’s booth for Thukral and Tagra’s ‘Put it On’ – whose virtues verge on those of the Mithu Sen as a trophy carried over from their background in advertising. Yet, I hope to have been faithful to the spirit of the summit.

Anushka Rajendran

Anushka Rajendran

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Foo Fighters Releases New Single ‘Rope’

The new Foo Fighters’ single track, ‘Rope’ is out to revive the rock band’s hard rocking style. This song definitely carries the Foo Fighters signature sound and is intensifying the wait for the new album for the hungry fans.

Rope Foo Fighters

So until we wait in anticipation, the new single ‘Rope’ will definitely loop in your playlist.

Click to listen to the new single ‘Rope’ by Foo Fighters.

Samsung to Unleash Galaxy Tab 10.1: The Complete Entertainer

Samsung is ready to unleash its complete entertainer, Galaxy Tab 10.1. A tablet promising the grandest of multimedia experience ever! Besides the sleek and bold look, the 599 g lightweight, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is fully loaded with features to keep you amazed and entertained.

Highlighted features include Full HD movies support (HD recording & Full HD playback), 8 MP AF rear-facing camera, games and flash website compatibility on the large 10.1″ WXGA TFT LCD display with dual surround sound speakers. The tab is powered by 1 GHz Dual Core Processor with Android 3.0 on Honeycomb platform to provide a smoother, faster and better performance compared to the other available tabs.

GALAXY Tab 10.1 front n back












Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports HSPA+21Mbps and Wi-Fi access which means you can experience smooth web browsing and faster downloads with mobility. Now you can access Google Mobile Services (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc) on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 just as on your PC to get the true Google experience. If you are looking further to customize the functionality of Galaxy Tab 10.1, you can select and download apps from the Android Market.

GALAXY Tab 10.1 Back












Launch Analysis
As Samsung declares ‘Everything will come to life with the GALAXY Tab 10.1’, we have to wait for the pricing to see how much of life can Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 can bring into the expanding tablet market.

Samsung is yet to announce the US release information but the company has already declared its partnership with Vodaphone to launch their smart media device.

Disclaimer: All trademarks used in the post are only for informational purpose and belongs to its owners. LexicalPixies does not claim any ownership on the facts provided in the post as it may differ from the actual devices.

Image courtesy: Samsung Mobile Press