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Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Set to Defy the Gravity of a Conventional Office

Soon before the tech community could finish the debate of apple going on cloud with its iCloud services, Steve Jobs surprised the world with Apple’s ambitious ‘Spaceship’ campus.

Courtesy, Cupertino City Channel

‘Spaceship’ conceptualized by Apple’s CEO Steve Job and designed by finest architects, is a proposed campus for the organization’s new headquarter. The mothership will staff close to 13,000 employees and is estimated to acquire an area of 3.1 million square foot at Cupertino, California.

Apparently Jobs seems to already have convinced the officials of Cupertino with his usual style of awe-inspiring presentation. Mayor Gilbert Wong has extended his support to Jobs in his press conference and believes in the city’s growth with the presence of the tech giant.

Apple's Spaceship Plan Image Courtesy, Cupertino City Channel

The ‘Spaceship’ is expected to be completed by 2015 with a promising quality of a spaceship fueled with natural energy. The circular building will resemble the apple’s product in terms of no sharp edges, meaning the building will require large sheets of curved glass. The proposed plan will have four storey building with highlights such as complete underground parking, 3000-seater cafeteria and fitness centre.

The Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ will also symbolize life on the highly industrial terrain of Cupertino. With the lush green belt and around 6000 trees which may include apricot orchids ‘Spaceship’ will surely change the landscape of the city.

Steve Jobs may not suffice you with his answer on the demands for free wi-fi but surely he has silenced the critics who were speculating the downfall of Apple with his presence, be it the recent launches of Apple products or the making of the ‘Spaceship’.

 Pixies Say:

When Steve Jobs says Apple is going out of space, he surely means the growth of Apple’s dominance in the digital sphere. Jobs foresight is heavily based on the recent market insights which have shown the strong demand for Apple products.  Market experts have projected the growth of Apple stock to $310 which can even touch the $400 mark.


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