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Game Review: King Mania

Developer: 300AD

Publisher: Phantasm Games

Game Genre: Action Strategy

Platform: Windows and Mac

The game’s plot depicts a story of the maniac king who wants to dominate the world by conquering diverse enemy terrains in order to fulfill his maniac ambition of growing potatoes.

As funny as the plot may sound the game is surely an engaging affair. With cartoon style, soothing blending music, well-polished 3D levels, and variety of in-game characters the game stands out in its overall presentation. This is definitely a big plus for King Mania.

The action strategy gameplay is well supported with variations in maps and randomization of level items. The game flaunts 30 unique levels with over 30 upgrades and 5 different spells. You can also play the game with your buddies online in the multiplayer mode.

The difficulty level of opponents may feel not greatly challenging until you progress the initial levels but nevertheless the game never gets boring. The game is slightly inclined towards the casual gamers and for gamers who can enjoy the action strategy gameplay.





King Mania is definitely worth buying and it is priced for just $6.99. Click here to buy King Mania


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