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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in spotlight due to American Idol; but why?

With all the buzz around the tenth and the latest season of the American Idol, Steven Tylor, who along with Jennifer Lopez, is the new entrant on the judging panel is enjoying a lot of the attention. All through Thursday, Steven Tyler and American Idol related search terms dominated the Google Trends list. On Twitter, the lead singer of Aerosmith took a spot on the Trending Topics list.

Steven Tyler on American Idol

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If you are one among the thousands of loyal rock worshipers who cringed at the idea of Tyler selling himself to reality TV, you are not alone. According to media reports, the band members of Aerosmith were not too happy with Tyler choosing to go on the American Idol.

“Aerosmith band members weren’t too happy with Steven Tyler’s foray into that type of musical activity, however, especially Joe Perry, and they said as much back then, but Steven chose to push forward anyway,” the Examiner reported.

When he was questioned as to why he chose to appear on American Idol, Tyler told Howard Stern that his feet were killing him and he needed to rest. The singer, who is famed for songs like ‘Dude looks like a lady’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Crying’, ‘Angel’, ‘Dream on’, ‘Love in an elevator’, ‘Nine Lives’ and ‘Permanent Vacation’, had undergone several surgeries on his feet after some of the aging star’s dance moves did not fit in well with his body.

It is a known fact that Tyler continues to struggle with drug problems. As recent as 2009, the Aerosmith front man was forced to get off the stage after drugs resulted in a broken shoulder. He also received 19 stitches on his head after a fall.

However, Tyler’s honesty with the media has earned him brownie points.

In another report, the Examiner observes, “Tyler’s brazen honesty about his addiction issues and his falling out with fellow Aerosmith band member Perry because he wasn’t “too good” to do “Idol” is all refreshingly different from most cover-your-backside press speak by celebrities.”

According to the latest reports, Tylor is still feuding with Perry despite the reports that the band is getting together this weekend to record new material. Public verbal attacks continue. Tyler was recently quoted as saying, “(We last spoke) a long time ago, on tour. I think he’s bummed out I’m sober. Joe is missing in action. I texted him 20 minutes ago: ‘Hey Joe, where are you?’ He’s angry with me for what? Because I took f**king Idol? What a crock of s**t.”

Tyler now sits along side another new judge, the pop singer Jennifer Lopez and the only remaining member from the original judging line-up, Randy Jackson on the tenth season of American Idol. The rock star is said to be far more ‘nice’ than Simon Cowell, who was known for his mean remarks.

“The show isn’t attempting to replicate Cowell, but is opting for a sweeter, gentler judges’ panel. Based on an audition sample given to the media, Lopez seems to be a nurturer, a less loopy Paula Abdul. Tyler is a bit of a wild card. You never quite know what’s going to come out of his mouth,” noted Access Atlanta.


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