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Album Recall Of the Month, January 2011: BlackBird, Alter Bridge (2007)

Title: Blackbird
Artist: Alter Bridge
Label: Universal Republic Records (UK, US, Australia, Japan)
Release: October 8, 2007 (to December 4, 2007)

Band Line-up
Myles Kennedy — lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Mark Tremonti — lead guitar, backing vocals
Brian Marshall — bass guitar
Scott Phillips — drums, percussion

Songs written and composed by Myles Kennedy, Brian Marshall, Mark Tremonti, and Scott Phillips.

Song Title (Duration)

1. Ties That Bind (3:19)
2. Come to Life (3:51)
3. Brand New Start (4:54)
4. Buried Alive (4:35)
5. Coming Home (4:19)
6. Before Tomorrow Comes (4:06)
7. Rise Today (4:21)
8. Blackbird (7:58)
9. One by One (4:20)
10. Watch Over You (4:19)
11. Break Me Down (3:56)
12. White Knuckles (4:24)
13. Wayward One (4:43)

Best Buy Version

14.  The Damage Done (3:45 )
15.  New Way to Live (5:40)

UK/iTunes Version

14.  We Don’t Care At All (3:42)

Pixies say:
For the clueless, Alter Bridge was born out of the demise of Creed in 2003-04, caused due to internal turmoil. The then-former Creed members, lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips were joined by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist formerly of The Mayfield Four, Myles Kennedy,  to form the band.

Alter Bridge has so far released three albums: One Day Remains (2004); Blackbird (2007) and AB III (2010). Even though One Day Remains, released on August 10, 2004 by Wind-up Records, received mixed reviews; with the album’s lead single, ‘Open Your Eyes’, the band had made a notable entry. Selling 750,000 copies worldwide, the album achieved gold status – albeit lower than Creed’s multi-Platinum success.

Amid pressures seeking reunion of Creed alongside criticisms that Alter Bridge sounds like Creed with a different singer, the band managed to bring out Blackbird, featuring the already-popular singles ‘Rise Today’ and ‘Watch Over You’, in October 2007.

“The material we’ve been working on is really aggressive and I think it’s the best work we’ve ever done. We can’t wait to get back in front of our loyal fans later this year,” said Tremonti  of the album while announcing the record deal with Universal Republic.

The album is, in deed, the best the band has produced so far. Following the first album of acquaintance, Blackbird portrays a band in its prime. The album reflects the coming of age of the band. The guitar and drumming prowess coalesced to perfection with strong nailing vocals – makes it an absolute treat. Moreover, considering that it was produced in a time as recent as 2007, the metal artistry is commendable. No single song needs a mention, it is one of those albums you can just listen on queue and on loop for days.

The album was later followed by AB III, after the band took a break due to Creed’s reunion tour and new album. Meanwhile, Kennedy started working on a solo album and with Slash on his self-titled album, with whom he throughout 2010 as his lead vocalist. Despite these factors, Alter Bridge continued to write music through 2009 and began recording their third album in February 2010. In August 2010, RoadRunner Records announced that the AB III would be released under its label. The band continued to impress even with the third album.

However, for the pure power in the music and the sheer skill in the art, Blackbird has won the accolades of being the first Album Recall of the Month for January 2011 on LexicalPixies.

A little about Album Recall, as the title suggests we aim at introducing or recalling one album from the past, near or far, every month. Please feel free to make your suggestions via comments.

Links and Resources:

*See Alter Bridge Official Website
*Buy Blackbird on Amazon
*Read Interview- Life After Creed:Alter Bridge look to a Strapp-Free Future


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