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Cavalera Conspiracy to inflict ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ on ears this March

Blunt Force Trauma - Album Artwork

Blunt Force Trauma - Cavalera Conspiracy Album Artwork

Following their 2008 debut album Inflikted, Cavalera Conspiracy is set to inflict Blunt Force Trauma on your ears this March.

Roadrunner Records, the label that released the heavy metal group’s first album on 25 March 2008, has announced that March 29, 2010 “will bring Cavalera Conspiracy’s second masterpiece, Blunt Force Trauma.”

The new album’s artwork has been unveiled. But don’t be fooled by the minimalistic and simple art, the record label has warned, indicating what the fans will “put on the rack” will be nothing like the album art by releasing the list of tracks on Blunt Force Trauma:

1. Warlord
2. Torture
3. Lynch Mob
4. Killing Inside
5. Thrasher
6. I Speak Hate
7. Target
8. Genghis Khan
9. Burn Waco
10. Rasputin
11. Blunt Force Trauma

Conspiracy took birth in death of Cavalera brothers’ fued

For those who just recognise the name ‘Cavalera’ but have no idea about Cavalera Conspiracy, here is the must-know facts of the extremely potent metal group. The band was formed by Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Soulfly fame and his drummer brother Igor Cavalera. The Brazilian brothers, who founded Sepultura in the early 1980s, invited American guitarist of Soulfly, Marc Rizzo, and French bassist of Gojira, Joe Duplantier, to complete the band.

With the formation of the band, the Brazilian brothers put an end to a decade-long feud that stemmed in 1996 with Sepultura’s drummer Igor Cavalera, guitarist Andreas Kisser, and bassist Paulo Jr. telling Max they wanted to replace several members of the band staff, including Max’s wife and band manager Gloria citing that she paid more attention to Max than the band.

Max Cavalera with brother Igor Cavalera

Max Cavalera with brother Igor Cavalera

Max left the band as he felt that the band was “biting the hands that feed”. Speaking on the “worst decision he had to make in his life” in a 2008 interview with Revolver magazine, Max said Gloria had worked for Sepultura for two years without earning a single dollar. She did it just for the passion of the music.


A song titled Inflikted was inspired by Sepultura’s 1992 Indonesia visit. The song based on a “crazy ritual”, which Max described “There was self-inflicted pain, knives, blood, fire. It was insane. It stuck in my head,” was originally meant for Soulfly’s sixth studio album Conquer. But Max’s desire to work with brother Igor gave birth to the Cavalera Conspiracy’s debut album Inflickted. Recorded in 2007, the album was released in March 2008.

The band toured till August 2009 for the album and in October 2009 Max announced plans of the second album Blunt Force Trauma.

The band’s line-up for the album remains the same as the original with former Systematic 4-stringer, Johnny Chow, on the bass.


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